Sabinsa Corporation Completed 22 Years in Research, Marketing and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Facilities

Sami Labs Limited is an export oriented enterprise involved in the research, manufacturing and exporting of standardized extracts of herbs and spices as well nutritional fine chemicals.

Corporate Office - R&D

Image of Corporate Office - R&D, Peenya

Peenya, Bangalore

This strategic decision making centre houses the core R&D and Administrative/ Executive facility. Concepts for the several innovative products from Sabinsa are originated in these laboratories and successfully commercialized.

Manufacturing facility - 1

Image of Manufacturing Facility, Kunigal

Kunigal, Bangalore

One of the major manufacturing facilities of the group is situated here. With well developed and segregated blocks, this facility has the capability to process several tonnes of extract and manufacture multiple products of both synthetic and natural origin.

Manufacturing facility - 2

Image of Biotechnology Manufacturing Facility, Nelamangala

Biotechnology, Nelamangala, Bangalore

This facility is designed and equipped with fermentation tanks to produce probiotics and enzyme blends.

Manufacturing facility - 3

Sami Nelamangala

Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE), Nelamangala, Bangalore

This facility is the first of its kind wherein the Industry and Academia have collaborated to develop it commercially.

A state-of-art facility, this adapts a new technology wherein Super Critical Carbon-di-oxide is used as the extraction solvent. As eco-friendly technology, it provides both the manufacturer and the end user a clean extract with an almost intact bio-potency.

Manufacturing facility - 4

Sami Dobaspet,

Continuous Extraction, Dobaspet, Bangalore

A unique facility with a continuous extractor made entirely of Stainless Steel 316, more than 20 tonnes of herbal raw material can be extracted in a day.

Manufacturing facility - 5

Sami Hyderabad

Genome valley, Hyderabad

A recent addition to our several manufacturing facilities, it has the capability to process and manufacture multiple products of both synthetic and natural origin.

Manufacturing facility - 6

Sabinsa Formulation – Utah, USA

Sabinsa Manufacturing – Utah, USA

This facility at Utah provides a strong formulation support and is equipped to handle various dosage forms. The stick pack facility offers convenient package form for the growing industry needs.