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1997 Newsletters

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December 1997

Government recognition of Sami Chemicals & Extracts, Ltd. in-House R & D unit

Marketing Focus : Trent Armitstead Manager, Market Development

Herbal Digestive Aids for the Holiday season : Ginger Extract and Triphala

New Product Focus : Fenufibers

November 1997

Sabins Corporation among the fastest growing in the Nation

New Product : Andrographis Paniculata

Vldimir Badmaev, MD, Ph.D. Vice President, Medical and Scientific Affairs

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Sami Chemicals and Extract, Ltd. Honored Again

October 1997

Dr. Vladimir Badmaev invited to speak at Columbia University

New Product : Citrus aurantium Extract

Scientific Focus : Swami Nathan, Ph.D

Tribulin Tribulus terrestris Extract

Ayurvedic Gems Coleus forskohlii

New Area code for Sabinsa, NJ

Sabinsa on wheels on the road again! Long Island, New York

September 1997

Bacopin® Trademark Registration Granted

Citrin® and Bmov In the Prevention and Treatment of Neoplastic Disease

Ayurvedic Gems Terminalia arjuna

Marketing Focus Todd Norton, Senior Executive Vice-President

New Products : Chitosan Significance of Deacetylation Value

August 1997

Lesser known Ayurvedic Gems

New Products : Chrysin

Effective & Safe Digestive Aid : DigeZyme®

New Office now open in Utah

July 1997

Sabins Corporation opens western U.S Facility

Prof. Christian Barnard visits Sabins, NJ.

Glucosamine Sulfate : Which is better: the K+ or Na+ salt?

Scientific Focus : Paula Gaynor, Ph.D.

New Products : BGOV

Boswellia Serrata : Use in ulcerative colitis

June 1997

The Natural results of Sabinsa R & D : Biotransformations

Sabinsa Introduces unique process for the manufacture of Glucosamine Sulfate

Scientific Focus : Eric Yang Ph.D. Sabinsa Research Group

Lesser Known Ayurvedic Gems

New Product : lndole-3-carbinol

May 1997

Sabinsa pioneers a new standard for Boswellic Acids

Herbs for the cold & Flu season

Scientific focus : Lakshmi Prakash Ph.D. Sabinsa Research Group

Tribulus Terrestris : "An Ayurvedic Diuretic and Aphrodisiac"

Sabinsa receives approval for two new Trademarks

Congratulations! Solgar 50 Year Celebration 1947 - 1997

Sabins-on-wheels update : Long Island, New York

April 1997

Spices Board of India Honors Dr. Majeed

New Products : Bacopin (Bacopa monniera)

Glucosamine S04 Vs. HCl Which is the preferred form?

Scientific Focus : Sam P. Kumar Ph.D., Sabinsa Research Group

Sabinsa receives kosher certification

Sabinsa-on-wheels update : Colorado and arizone

March 1997

Two manuals to be published

Selenium fights cancer says new research study

New Products : Glucosamine Sulfate

Sabinsa-on-wheels tours Califonia

Sabinsa Assurance of Quality

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