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1998 Newsletters

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October-November 1998

A matter or Quality : Boswellin®

Research focus : Dr. Yvonne Nujoma

Procuts for the Cold and Flu season

Understanding Alpha - Lipoic Acid

Bioperine®: Mechanism of Action

September 1998

Patent on forskohlin assigned to Sabinsa Corporation

Marketing focus Benita Barbosa

Mucuna pruriens Plant source of L-Dopa

Formulation development assistance from Sabinsa Corporation

Lactospore® Customer queries

August 1998

Sabinsa® Corporation assigned patent for Citrin®K

Sabins goes ‘SOFT’: Extracts with added convenience

Research focus : Dr. S. Natarajan

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Sabinsa® Corporation to participate in Japanese Trade Show

Procuts for topical use from Sabinsa Corporation

July 1998

Tetrahydrocurcuminoids Gains increasing acceptance in cosmetic products

Momordicin also standardized for charantin

Sabinsa's raw materials now also warehoused in Utah

Herbal products : building a healthy image

Glucosamine sulfate and Diabetes

Understanding Lactospore®

June 1998

Sami chemicals & Extracts Receives Spice House Certificate

Ayurvedic gems : Ocimum sanctum

Sochim presents Lactospore® at International Meet

Anne lee Executive Assistant at Sabinsa-Utah

Brain Nutrients seminar at market place 98

Aleuritic acid : Ingredient for cosmetics

May 1998

Bioperine®: New U.S. Patent

lnula racemosa Potentiates Insulin Sensitivity

Nancy Mc Mohon, Executive Assistant to Dr. Majeed

Judy lewicki : Customer Service Associate

Dr. Zahir Shah Akhunzada Visits South Asia

April 1998

Sabinsa Corporation at the Tokyo Health Industry Show

Ayurvedic Gems : Picrorhiza kurroa

Bioperine®: Bioavailability enhancer

Judy lewicki : Customer Service Associate

March 1998

Popularizing Ayurveda : Sabinsa Corporation works with Columbia University

Ayurvedic Gems : Mucuna pruriens

Mark C. Sysler, Vice President, Sales


Sabinsa Corporation participates in Japanese Trade Show

February 1998

Sabinsa expands Citrin® line of products

Marketing Focus : Joseph Kalba, Director of Marketing

Sabinsa's herbal ingredients: Sourced with care

Antidiabetic herbs for Ayurveda

Sochim International participates in SABEN '98 February 20-23, 1998

Voices from the Web: The GuestBook at

January 1998 Issue

Gugulipid®: Importance of Proper Standardization

New Product: Fenusterols

Kavita Subramanian : Marketing Executive

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Sabins's Globaltrek with Ayurveda

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