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2000 Newsletters

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November-December 2000

Sabinsa Shows Corporation’s Utah Facility Moves to New Building

New President of Sabinsa Corporation

Tropicana Petitions U.S. FDA for Potassium Health Claim

CosmoperineTM: A New Cosmetic Product from Sabinsa

New People at Sabinsa

Sabinsa's upcomming shows

October 2000

Sabinsa Participated in Health Ingredients (HI) Japan

Venocin (Horse Chestnut Extract)

People focus

Sabinsa's upcoming shows

September 2000

Reducing high Cholesterol

Sabinsa’s Upcoming Shows

August 2000

NEWS FLASH:Sabinsa Participated in NNFA MarketPlace 2000

Sabinsa Receives Award

New Product Websites

Green Tea Extract in Skin Care Formulations

Antioxidant Effects of Bacopa monniera

People focus

Sabinsa’s Upcoming Shows

July 2000

Resveratrol : A Powerful Antioxdant

Resveratrol linked to Brain & Nerve Health

Elevated blood Triglycerides increase risk of Heart disease

New Publication: Ashwagandha

Sabinsa's upcoming trade show events

May-June 2000>

Fiber Helps Diabetics Control Blood Sugar- US Study

The Importance of Fiber Digestibility

FDA Alert: The Herb Family Aristolochia

Reduce motion sickness with Gingers

News Flash: Sabinsa Corporation Participates in IFT Food Expo

Sabinsa’s Upcoming Shows

April 2000

Sabinsa Corporation Participates in European Trade Show Event

Role of Antioxidants in Chronic Disease Prevention

High-selenium Food Products

Selenium-rich Designer Eggs

FDA Withdraws Proposed Limits on Herb Ephedra

Immunological Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Plant Sterols and Stanols Help to Prevent Heart Disease

Tea Drinking & Bone Mineral Density in Older Women

Product Focus : Tetrahydrocurcuminoids

People focus: Helen Ricalde

Sabinsa’s Upcoming Shows

February - March 2000

FDA revises position on dietary supplements during pregnancy

More Secrets of Selenium Revealed

Validated HPLC Method for the Assay of L-(+)-Selenomethionine

Boswellin® - a safe topical anti-inflammatory agent

New research on Lutein Lutein reduces risk of colon cancer

Lutein reduces risk of cataracts

Marketing Focus: Asha Ramesh

Bioavailability catches attention of the NIH

February 2001

NEWS FLASH: Tea & Recalcitrant atopic Dermatitis.

Catechin levels of Different Types of Tea

Diets thats succeed

Sabinsa's Upcoming Shows

Product Ads

January 2000

Sami R & D Center : recognition for research leading to Ph.D.

Limits Eased on Dietary Supplements

Green tea extract may promote weight loss

Mineral supplements in health

R & D focus

Sabinsa Corporation breaks ground on new facility

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