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2001 Newsletters

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November 2001

Sabinsa Shows Cosmeceutical Line in Brazil

SAPINDIN® (Soap Nut Saponins)

People at Sabinsa

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September - October 2001

Benefits of Tea Catechins

Sabinsa Corp./ Sami Labs receives twoexport Awards from Indian Spices Board

Monitoring the Quality of finished Dosage forms

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August 2001

NEWS FLASH Oleuropein: A Potent Antioxidant

Lutein & Cardiovascular Disease

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July 2001

News Flash Selenium : An Essential Nutrient

Wins Best New Product Award

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June 2001

NEWS FLASH Cosmeceuticals from Sabinsa

Selenium & Diabetes

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May 2001

NEWS FLASH: Sabinsa Corporation’s marketing and sales force has been actively
travelling internationally promoting our expanding nutritional, cosmeceutical, and
Silbinol (Pterocarpus marsupium extract)

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April 2001

NEWS FLASH: Sabinsa Corporation is proud to announce that ForsLean®, our
unique product for promoting lean body mass, is now available to dietary
supplement manufacturers.

ForsLean® : Introduction, History, Cultivation, Phytochemistry, Health Benefits

ForsLean®: Lean Body Mass Studies

Toxicity & Safety

Ephedrine vs. ForsLean®

U.S. Patent #5,804,596

ForsLean®: Trademark & Patent Licensing Agreement

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March 2001

NEWS FLASH: Sabinsa is proud to announce the promotion of two of our
employees, Mark C. Sysler and Angela Lee.

Sabinsa's President Presents at Natural Products Expo West

Myths in the Nutraceutical Industry

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February 2001

NEWS FLASH: Tea & Recalcitrant atopic Dermatitis.

Catechin levels of Different Types of Tea

Diets thats succeed

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January 2001

NEWS FLASH: Sabinsa Supports R&D in New Jersy

Ayurvedic Formulations for ACNE

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