Newsletters - JAN 2007

The US Patent and Trademark Office has completed a formal review of Sabinsa Corporation's patent for black pepper extract, BioPerine®, and has found the intellectual property to be valid.

The corporation announced in November it was taking legal action against DNP International for allegedly infringing patents protecting the use of its BioPerine® and Forslean extracts. Respect for intellectual property is critical in sustaining the spirit of research and innovation and in making these efforts economically worthwhile. Sabinsa Corporation has built a sizeable intellectual property portfolio and actively advocates the protection of intellectual property.

The patent review ensures that all claims outlined in this patent are valid, and that companies selling piperine containing black pepper extracts for the express or implied purpose of nutrient absorption enhancement are in violation of Sabinsa’s intellectual property.

BioPerine® is a standardized black pepper extract that contains 95 percent of piperine, and is clinically proven to enhance the bioavailability of co-administered nutrients in formulations.


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