When the entire contract manufacturing company was having a tough time working with curcuminoids, Sabinsa listened to them. The biggest concern of the customers and clients was dust and staining while running the product on their encapsulating and tableting machines. Curcuminoids as an ingredient was not a new product to us and they have been in the market for a very long time. Sabinsa went ahead and made beadlets that had the curcuminoids embedded in it. Sabinsa innovated the free flowing Curcumin C3 Complex® beadlets that are dust free and easy to use on machines.

Core product revision: BioPerine®

The Japanese have a very strong dietary ingredients regulatory system. They also do not accept some of the conventional solvents used to extract botanicals in most developed nations. When the time came for Sabinsa to introduce this flagship brand into the Japanese market, a hurdle was raised. The hurdle came in the form of the extraction solvent. Ethanol was however acceptable. Sabinsa started to experiment with a strong in-house R&D and after several interactions optimized a process that would give the 95% assay of the product with Ethanol for the Japanese market. Thus was born BioPerine® JP grade. Today the ingredient is sold worldwide and is Ethanol extracted material. It is safer and more acceptable—globally.