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Stop By Booth # 24027 For Probiotic Cookies!

Sabinsa will be highlighting proprietary, science-based products at SupplySide West, to be held at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas November 14 - 15, 2013 and this year there will be ProbiOatie cookies, inspired by LactoSpore®, the GRAS affirmed probiotic.

Speaking of digestive health, with consumer interest in digestive health growing exponentially, Sabinsa will highlight several proprietary digestive products:

  • DigeZyme® is a combination of digestive enzymes that aid in better digestion and absorption of food. This clinically evaluated broad spectrum "multi-enzyme complex" consists of amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzyme), lipase (fat hydrolyzing enzyme), cellulase (hydrolyzes cellulose) and lactase (hydrolyzes lactose). DigeZyme® is a GMO-free product, containing enzymes obtained from microbial origin. This group of enzymes are stable and retain their digestive activity during the transit through the stomach.
  • LactoSpore, Sabinsa’s shelf stable, GRAS probiotic, has become increasingly used in functional food products. Sabinsa will be serving delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies developed by Bridget Reilly, owner of The Bite Market specialty grocery in Orange, California, who developed a gluten-free cookie containing Sabinsa’s LactoSpore. Bridget’s focus in her store and her recipes is to provide gluten free products. Many people with gluten sensitivities have conditions that benefit from the use of probiotics.

Also on consumer radar, fueled by the growing body of science, is curcumin, an ingredient at which Sabinsa excels with two patented offerings. Curcumin C3 Complex®, the most researched curcumin brand on the market with over 70 published studies, has long been the industry's flagship curcumin ingredient. Earlier this year, Sabinsa launched Curcumin C3 Reduct®, the next generation of curcuminoids. Potency, color, dosage, stability and bioavailability concerns are a moot point with C3 Reduct, which will only help increase curcumin’s popularity among researchers, manufacturers and consumers. Visitors to the booth will learn more about how it's changing the conversation about the bioavailability of curcumin.

Another up and coming ingredient in the supplement marketplace is Cococin, Sabinsa's proprietary freeze-dried coconut water available in powder form. Excellent in sports nutrition formulas and other health areas due to Cococin's delivery of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients, this is high on consumer radar.


Lastly, for those who missed Sabinsa on Wheels, stop by for updates on the science behind Sabinsa's ingredients. 


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