Newsletters - Feb-Mar 2002

ForsLean®, continues to interest supplement manufacturers across the world. A recent presentation in Japan was well-attended by marketing and scientific personnel from leading Japanese companies.

ForsLean® is Sabinsa's proprietary composition extract of Coleus forskohlii root, standardized for 10 percent forskolin. ForsLean® has shown promising results in three areas; enhancing lean body mass, promoting fat loss and promoting weight loss. In September of 1998 Sabinsa was granted a use patent for this application of forskolin in its ForsLean® composition. The patent (US Patent # 5,804,596) describes the preparation of this unique composition and its use in the promotion of lean body mass and ForsLean®, has been clinically evaluated at one dose, 250 mgs twice daily. This provides 50 mgs of forskolin, the primary active compound in ForsLean®. Dosage has been in the form of a two piece, hard shell capsule. In an open field clinical study, 6 overweight, but otherwise healthy women, received one capsule twice daily for eight weeks. During the eight week trial, the mean values for body weight and fat content significantly decreased, whereas lean body mass was significantly increased as compared to the baseline. Neither the systolic/diastolic blood pressure, nor the pulse rate was adversely affect during the trial. Indeed, a trend was observed of lower systolic/diastolic pressure during the course of treatment.

A 12 week clinical trial in Japan and a study in the US designed as a double blind, placebo-controlled investigation of ForsLean® versus a similarly matched placebo for 12 weeks, are currently in progress.

ForsLean® has been cleared for nutritional use by the Japanese FDA. Safety studies performed by independent laboratories, earlier, revealed an oral LD50 value greater than 2000 mg/kg and the absence of mutagenicity, as determined by the Ames test.

Sabinsa’s upcoming shows

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