Newsletters - January 1998

Gugulipid®: Importance of Proper Standardization

Gugulipid®, a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, is the standardized extract of the oleoresin of Commiphora mukul, an Indian medicinal plant. The resin is a mixture of diterpenes, sterols, steroids, esters and higher alcohols. The active ingredients responsible for the well-known hypolipidemic effects of the plant are the guggulsterones, specifically guggulsterone E and guggulsterone Z.

When purchasing guggul products, it is vital that the extract be assessed for purity and appropriate standardization. Sabinsa's product Gugulipid® is purified and standardized to contain a minimum of 2.5% guggulsterones E and Z (the Indian pharmacopeia (IP) limits the maximum level of guggtulsterones to not more than 6.0%). It is probable that guggul products which claim an active ingredient level in excess of 6.0% may be crude and unpurified extracts.

In clinical studies, the administration of crude (unpurified) guggul caused mild side effects such as skin rashes, diarrhea and irregular menstruation. There are no reports of these undesirable effects with the purified and appropriately standardized extract.


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