Newsletters - MAR 2007

Current trends in Cosmetics : Nurturing Beauty from Within and Without

Current trends in anti-aging cosmetics favor delivering actives to the skin, hair and nails both by ingestion and topical application. To retain structure integrity of skin, hair and nails, adequate bioprotection, moisturization and nutrient supply for cell renewal are essential.

The rationale for skin health through nutritional interventions and topically applied nourishment is easy to develop. Consider for example the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, vitamin D, the increasing benefits of which in the prevention of a variety of diseases ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis forms the subject of contemporary research. The production of the active form of vitamin D from 7-dehydrocholesterol occurs in the skin. People with diminished exposure to sunlight have been known to have vitamin D deficiency correlated with a higher rate of decreased bone mineral density or osteoporosis, ahigher rate of skin cancer, increased susceptibility to seasonal affective disorder (depression), or SAD, and increased susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other disorders related to immunological functions. In conjunction with daylight therapy the concomitant oral vitamin D supplementation is considered to be an important treatment for SAD.

The process of aging gradually diminishes both the resilience of skin, and the ability of the digestive tract to metabolize nutrients optimally to sufficiently nourish the body. Therefore, delivering functional molecules including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, digestive aids, detoxicants, cleansers, weight management support agents, and bioavailability enhancers, through the diet and as by topical application offers a comprehensive approach to support healthy ageing.

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