Newsletters - April 1998

Picrorhiza kurroa (fam. Scrophulariaceae) has been used in the traditional Indian systems of medicine to treat liver troubles and bronchial problems.

Kutkin, a mixture of the iridoid glycosides picroside I and kutkoside has been found to be an efficient liver protectant, which is more effective than silymarin obtained from milk thistle1.

Androsin, a phenolic glycoside isolated from P. kurroa, has been attributed with anti-asthmatic properties, probably through the inhibition of the platelet activating factor, which is responsible for bronchial obstruction2. P. kurroa extracts have also been shown to possess anti-allergic activity through mast cell stabilization3.

In a clinical study performed on 20 asthma patients, a crude extract of P. kurroa produced significant improvement. Interestingly, patients who had a known history of allergy to certain food items developed tolerance to these items during the treatment.

Sabinsa Corporation's Picroliv® is standardized for 4% kutkin.


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