Newsletters - November 1997

Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, MD, trained in Clinical and Anatomical Pathology at Kings County Hospital and Downstate Medical Center in New York. His Ph.D. is in the field of immunopharmacology. He is the author of several articles, as well as a book on traditional medicine. Dr. Badmaev's focus is on Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine, traditions that have been followed by five generations of Badmaev family, beginning In Russia in 1851. The Badmaev formulations are mostly derived from the Indo - Tibetan Materia Medica and also contain herbs indigenous to Russia and Europe.

When Dr. Badmaev teamed up with Sabinsa, a natural alliance occurred, the results of which were two-fold. Firstly, Dr. Badmaev's wealth of knowledge led to the enhancement of the scientific and technical backup which Sabinsa could provide for its products and customers. Secondly, it resulted in the continuation of the long standing Badmaev family traditions.

Dr. Badmaev is actively involved in organizing clinical investigations to support Sabinsa's products. He reaches out to both the academic and business Community in the course of developing an elaborate database documenting the safety and health benefits of Sabinsa's products.

The Joint efforts of Sabinsa and Dr. Badmaev, in coordination with a well established international marketing company, have resulted in the successful launching of the Badmacv line of products back into Dr. Badmaev's native Russia.


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