Press Release - 1997

Sabinsa Corporation announces the development of a new product to its line of specialized nutraceuticals: Bis-Glycinato OxoVanadium (BGOV).

This new form of organically bound vanadium utilizes glycine as a carrier because of its key roles in the body - it is one of three amino acids forming glutathione and together with another amino acid, arginine, it produces creatine. Organic forms of vanadium are recognized as safer, more absorbable and deliver a therapeutic effect up to 50% greater that inorganic complexes, such as vanadyl sulphate.

Vanadium belongs to a group of biologically important metals like chromium, iron, cobalt, copper and zinc. A promising application for vanadium in human health emerges from recent studies evaluating vanadium as a substitute for insulin. It is thought to activate insulin receptors and through this effect exert insulin-like actions.

Vanadium is also discussed as a building material in bones and teeth, and is a popular ingredient found in many body building and sports nutrition formulations. This application may be due to the potential role of vanadium in thyroid functioning and in body metabolism.




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