Press Release 2010

As part of their program to meet their customer's Quality Assurance needs in an increasingly globalized market, Sabinsa Corporation’s Utah facility has been audited and International Food Standard (IFS) certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

IFS Certification

The IFS certification is a leading global food safety and quality standard for auditing food processing facilities and facilities that pack loose food products. The IFS standard was developed by the retailers in Europe to define the common needs of food safety at both the retailer and supplier level and is now used around the world. A practical, yet stringent standard, IFS is widely accepted by retailers in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia including Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, and others. It offers a uniform international standard for companies like Coca-Cola, Ralcorp, Cargill and others supplying retailer and national branded food products, eliminating the need for retailer audits and saving manufacturers thousands of dollars in auditing costs. This certification makes it clear that the producer is committed to the highest quality standards in food safety.

IFS is more than just a checklist, offering value in both food safety and quality. The IFS Food version 5 helps companies develop a true commitment from Senior Management, provides a solid basis for developing Quality Management Systems, Resource Management, and Production Process improvements, as well as ensures measurements and analytics are in place to manage regulatory requirements. IFS certified companies see positive trending results with reductions in recalls, customer complaints, regulatory issues, and product error rates.


"The integrity of a company or brand, in whichever industry, comes not only from quality but also the safety of the product," said Benoit LeGall (Ph.D., MBA), the Quality Control Manager for Sabinsa's Utah Facility. "Now that we have completed the criteria's for IFS, version 5 certification, our customers can be sure that Sabinsa manufacturing is held to the highest level of commitment for quality and safety." Dr. LeGall continued.


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